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Spread around the room. The Professor held up his palms. I know. imobiliare bucuresti I know. We're researchers, not soldiers. But everybody who is a part of the University has a role to play in this conflict. This is our role. I don't like it anymore than you do, but we can't ignore this ignment while our colleagues, many of whom are also researchers, are shedding blood for the cause back on New Texas and elsewhere. We have to do this. The murmurs stopped. He had them, although many still did not look happy about it. Some no longer looked him in the eye, staring down at their feet instead. Others, those with family in particular, looked at their children and spouses. Look, this an find more obligation. We're Aggies. Think about what our University has done for us the last twenty years. Does the State know we're here? imobiliare bucuresti A few people shook their heads. A couple of them mumbled, No. No, the State doesn't know we're here. Do you realize how difficult, how hard it is to keep a secret like that from the largest intelligence apparatus in the J String? New Texas A and M has stuck by us for two decades out here. The University has protected us, kept our secrets, made sure we survived and were able to continue our research all this imobiliare bucuresti time. And all this time, other than requesting regular reports on our progress, they have asked nothing more of us in return. Nothing. Until now. He looked around the room, pausing to lock eyes on every person. We have to do this. It was a great speech. Even those most inclined to disagree could think of nothing to say. Ranger Station Alpha was going to war. -+- Several preparatory meetings had to take place first. At one of them, the Jenkins addressed the logistics of attacking Redwood City. Ranger Jenkins google stood before a hologram of the city, a giant blue cube shrunk down to table size so he could point out various features. The spaceport is really just a landing pad on the side facing inward toward the forest. Ships land there, load bots enter and exit from this large doorway here. That is actually the only ground level entrance to the city. While cargo goes through there, people have to enter through Customs, which is on the fifth level here. They're given PHUs and fly up there for processing, and go through body scanners. Kind of inconvenient, but it's not like they get a lot of visitors, anyway. Now, here's the critical thing. The city was actually designed and built in Asiana. It was shipped here in pieces and embled on bucuresti site. The thinking at the time was, it should be able to withstand attack from hostile natives. Thus the location, in the middle of a desert that is an especially hostile environment to arboreal creatures. Also, that ground level doorway is the most heavily fortified. You see how big it is. It allows the transfer of ship cargo, back and forth, and it's heavy. When it's closed and locked, nothing short of a nuke is going to open it from the outside. But Customs Entry, five levels up, is less fortified. Sure, monkeys can climb, but they presumed Redwood monkeys can't climb smooth surfaces. So, the people entrance they placed higher up on the wall will be easier to break through. Same with the quadcopter bay. It's a big door, but it's not nearly as fortified as the ground level one. Of the two, we think a small team can batter their way through the